Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation
  • You will find your session online in the┬áprogram.
  • The time slot for every oral presentation is strictly 15 minutes. We advise having a maximum of 12 minutes for the presentation and using the rest for Q&A.
  • As the schedule is very tight, your presentation must be transferred to the presentation computer before your session starts (e.g. the latest at the break before session start).
  • Please bring your presentation on a USB drive. We will not allow any change of presentation computers during the sessions!
  • The presentation computer will run an English Windows 10 Pro with MS Office Powerpoint 2016, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Open Office, VLC and Quicktime player. It also has Internet access. If you need additional software, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance!
  • The screen resolution will be 1920 x 1080 px.
Poster Presentation
  • There will be three poster presentations during the conference. Please check the┬áprogram (TBA) to find out which day your poster presentation is scheduled.
  • Please prepare a poster (maximum A0 size in portrait orientation) and bring it with you to the conference. The poster walls are about 2 m high and 1 m in width.
  • Adhesive tapes will be provided to fix the poster on the wall.
  • The posters should be fixed on the poster wall until 9:00 AM of the presentation day.
  • We recommend being available during coffee breaks and lunch breaks at your poster
  • The authors can remove the poster from the wall at 7:00 PM of the presentation day.